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Sensor tag that can be attached to curved surfaces for traceability during transportationReal-time monitoring is required during the transportation of food and pharmaceuticals...


Traceability to ensure the quality of food and pharmaceutical products, such as HACCP*1 and GDP*2, is also required during transportation. Temperature deviations during transportation, loading and unloading of cargo can lead to quality deterioration. For example, there are many pharmaceutical products which are sensitive to temperature differences or need to be kept under low temperature. In response to these issues, it is necessary to construct a smart logistics system that utilizes ICT technology to ensure high efficiency and security.

*1 Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point.
*2 Good Distribution Practice.


Requires electronic tags that are easy and low running cost

IoT in logistics management is accelerating.
In order to strengthen the quality control of food, pharmaceutical, and other products, it is crucial to have systems that can detect the over limit of the control range during transit in real time. For such purposes, there is a growing need for thin and easy-to-handle electronic tags.