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Introducing the Slim Position Tracker Powered by Solar EnergyIssues to be tracked seamlessly with low maintenance costs


The use of location information on people, cargo, vehicles, and machines to grasp various information such as operational status and operating conditions is accelerating to improve user convenience and work efficiency, and the evolution of IoT and location information technology combined with behavioral changes due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection is driving location-based Digital Transformation in various industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and medical care.


Seamless and real-time tracking of people and objects indoors and outdoors is required

Until now, the location and status of indoor and outdoor people and things have been used separately by multiple ICT systems, e.g. GPS for outdoor use and wireless communication for indoor use. In the manufacturing industry, the current location and status of people and goods between different processes, and in the logistics industry, the current location of forklifts, cargo, etc. in warehouses and outdoors, both indoors and outdoors, must be tracked seamlessly in real time.

Want to reduce maintenance costs

Conventional positioning systems required battery replacement and recharging, resulting in high maintenance costs. In addition, they needed to be small, lightweight, and unobtrusive in order to grasp a person’s location.

Main Issues

  • Want to track people and objects seamlessly indoors and outdoors in real time.

  • Want to reduce maintenance costs and make it easy to install.

  • Want a small, thin device that does not get in the way even when worn by a person.