Avanti R&D, Inc.

Edge AI camera combines with EnerCera to create security solution to combat car theftExperienced thieves are able to deactivate batteries, rendering security systems useless


Solution Offered by EnerCera battery

  • The ultra-compact, ultra-slimline EnerCera pouch makes it possible to create thinner and more compact camera units.

  • The use of an edge AI-based camera with ultra-low power consumption enables thieves to be captured on video.

  • Footage can be transmitted over LTE.

  • By combining the unit with photovoltaic cells, it is possible to build a device that does not need to be recharged and will never go flat.

Creating an unobtrusive security camera that won’t trigger false alarms

The engineers set about developing a compact, slimline edge AI-based security camera that combined Avanti R&D’s ultra-low-power AI technology with the slim-profile, high-output EnerCera pouch. They have already created a successful proof of concept whereby EnerCera cell alone is used to power a device that uses Avanti’s AI to identify and film moving subjects before sending the footage to a server over LTE. The system’s method of operation makes it possible to identify and film a thief breaking into a vehicle based on motion data, and send the footage to the car’s owner over LTE. Unlike traditional car security systems, which rely on vibration sensors, this system uses artificial intelligence to recognize and identify the thieves, therefore reducing the likelihood that the owner will deactivate car security features in response to the hassle of false alarms triggered by environmentally induced factors, which plague vibration sensor-based systems. The adoption of this principle, which enables the recognition of criminal activity and immediate reporting to law enforcement, may lead to an increase in the arrest rate.

Potential for applications in micro mobility and more!

EnerCera’s ultra-low power consumption and compact, slimline footprint have created hopes that the system will be rolled out to smaller, more theft-prone vehicles like electric scooters and electric bikes as well. The method of operation means that even if the vehicle’s on-board battery is deactivated, the system is able to power the camera and communications functions using the charge stored in the EnerCera cell. Avanti and NGK are discussing the prospect of developing a maintenance-free security camera in the future that features photovoltaic cells or similar technology. Such a system would allow recharging without relying on an on-board battery, thereby eliminating the possibility that the system would fail due to a dead battery when it was most needed . There are also hopes that the technology will be applied to a wide range of other applications outside the mobility sector.

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