Realizing a thin smart lock*1 key which can be carried in a passcase walletA convenient and secure rechargeable battery was needed for a remotely operatable key in preparation for losing it

*1 A key which operates with Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi functions of smartphones.


Card-type key with communication function which can be carried in a passcase wallet was developed

Solution Offered by EnerCera battery

  • Ultra-thin battery with a thickness of 0.45 mm enables thin card-type keys.

  • With the use of semi-solid-state battery with high safety, it is safe even if it is attached to the human body.

  • The high power of EnerCera battery used with the card-type key, communication such as BLE is possible.

  • By using wireless charging based on Qi standard, the card-type key can be easily charged.

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable due to use of rechargeable batteries.

EnerCera battery was the solution to their needs

The design officer at Bitkey, Inc. found EnerCera battery at NGK’s corporate website. They purchased a sample of EnerCera battery to be used for their prototype card-type key hoping to meet the required specifications.

Started a service of “Family Safety Set” that both children and adults can use with peace of mind

Bitkey, Inc. started offering a service called bitlock MINI “Family Anshin (Safety) Set” which uses card-type option key (bitbutton Card) in December 2021.*3 A 3mm thick bitbutton Card that can be stored in a pass case wallet is realized. Here you will find EnerCera Pouch type battery. EnerCera battery is a highly safe semi-solid-state battery which is safe for children’s use.

*3 “Family Safety set” that both children and adults can use with peace of mind. (

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