Realization of smart home appliances that do not require battery replacementWhen converting to IoT, wired power supply will not look good...


In recent years, everything has been connected to the Internet, and IoT has penetrated into daily life. In particular, smart homes are attracting attention as a technology that controls home appliances and housing equipment via the Internet and realizes comfortable, safe, secure, and convenient new lifestyles.


I want a power supply for smart IoT devices

With the progress of technologies such as IoT and AI, expectations are rising for the realization of smart homes that support daily life. When IoT devices are used for doors, lighting equipment, TVs, air conditioners, cooking equipment, etc., ways to effectively power these devices are the concern. If a primary (non-rechargeable) battery is used as the power source, the sensor and battery unit will need to be installed in various places (ceiling, underfloor, embedded in furniture, etc.), which causes problems such as for battery replacement and disposal. It was difficult to find the best power source for the IoT devices to be used at smart homes.