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Enables indoor and outdoor position trackers driven by solar cellsTraditional GPS trackers require the hassle of replacing batteries...


In recent years, the location services market has been growing rapidly. Its applications range from commercial vehicle operation management, autonomous driving of agricultural vehicles, progress management of construction sites, and watching over the elderly and children. In the future, it is thought that DX in society will accelerate, such as creating new value and solving social issues using accumulated location information data, due to further accuracy of location information and the evolution of AI.


Cloudization of information and accuracy of tracking are challenges

The conventional GPS trackers using primary (non-rechargeable) battery require periodic battery replacement. Also due to the size of the battery used, compactness and weight reduction of GPS trackers have always been a problem. When using a tracker as a sensor logger for logistics or as a monitoring devices for elderly people, children, and pets, there were also a demand for not only logging the acquired location information, but also constantly monitor and possibly manage it. For that purpose, there was a need for a system that could constantly acquire location information from both indoors and outdoors.