Equipment Manufacturer Company “S”

Solves backup power issues in high temperature environmentsThere is no rechargeable battery that can be used for backing up encoders which can withstand high temperatures environments...


Efforts to create smart factories that utilize advanced technologies such as robot technology, control technology, IoT, and AI are accelerating. In smart factories, it is necessary to quickly control machine tools and robots with high accuracy. In order to detect their movements, sensors that encode rotation angles and linear displacements called encoders are indispensable. The global encoder market is expected to grow rapidily in the future, and precision equipment manufacturer “S” has developed robots using rotary encoders*.

*Encoder type that detects the rotation speed, rotation angle, and rotation position of the shaft.


I want to save time and effort of battery replacement and would like to be environmentally friendly

Company “S” uses absolute encoders, a type of rotary encoder, for robots with a lot of rotational motion. The conventional absolute encoders used in the market are recommended to replace batteries used for backup purposes every year, as the initial setting value of the encoder will be re-set when the power supply is lost. In this case the origin position needs to be re-set again from the beginning. Until now, absolute encoders that backs up location information during maintenance or outages were equipped with primary (non-rechargeable) batteries. However, depending on the location where the encoder is installed, battery replacement work by skilled workers may be required and could be also be challenging. In addition, as an effort to achieve a sustainable society became more active around the world,absolute encoders using non-disposable rechargeable batteries are now being considered as environmentally friendly solution.

I want a rechargeable battery that can be used even in harsh environments

As the number of smart factories increases, rechargeable batteries that can be used in various environments are required. If you continue to control the rotation of machine tools and robots, heat will be generated, therefore encoders are required to be used in high temperature environments. The operating temperature of the encoder is required to be in a wide temperature range, from high to low. However, conventional rechargeable batteries in the market deteriorates quickly under high temperature environment and was difficult to use for a long period of time.

Main Issues

  • For primary (non-rechargeable) batteries, the cost to replace them and the waste are considered to be an issue.

  • Depending on the location where the encoder is installed, replacement work by skilled workers is necessary and can become costly.

  • Heat generated from high-speed rotating bodies requires rechargeable batteries which can withstand high temperature environment.

  • In some cases, a wide range of operating temperatures, from high to low, is required which is difficult to deal with conventional rechargeable batteries.