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Unobtrusive Smart Patch Revolutionizes Monitoring and DiagnosisThe need to monitor the vital signs* of patients infected with Covid-19 not only created a risk of secondary infection but was also stressful for patients

*“Vital signs” include heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, and oxygen saturation.


The Ultimate in Comfortable, Wearable Medical Patches

Solution Offered by EnerCera battery

  • EnerCera Pouch battery is powerful, enabling it to support BLE.

  • Both flexible, and ultracompact at a mere 0.45 mm thick, EnerCera Pouch battery is ideal for powering wearable medical patches.

  • Rechargeable EnerCera batteries can be recharged multiple times, and are therefore reusable.

Smart Agricultural Sensor Evolves into New Application

Renesas and NGK had previously incorporated EnerCera Coin battery into a Renesas-developed energy harvesting system to create a smart agricultural sensor system that could withstand punishing climates. Renesas and NGK subsequently established an online meeting to explore the possibility of achieving reference designs that combined Renesas semiconductor devices with EnerCera battery.

Bendable Over 5,000 Times

In the process of discussing new opportunities for collaboration, the meeting found that EnerCera Pouch battery was a good match for Renesas’ slimline medical patch. The ultracompact 0.45 mm EnerCera Pouch battery is powerful and supports Bluetooth. Because EnerCera Pouch battery can be bent over 5,000 times, it can be made to fit snugly to the body, making the patch less noticeable to the wearer. Also, because EnerCera battery can be recharged again and again and is reusable, it helps reduce waste and is better for the environment. By incorporating EnerCera Pouch battery into their slimline medical patch, the team was able to solve their power supply issues, thus creating the ultimate in unobtrusive, wearable medical patches*. The use of this patch not only reduces stress on the patient, but also enables the precise monitoring of vital signs, even from remote locations, and promises to reduce the risk of infection for family members and medical workers.

Vital sensor which can be easily fit to the body and not noticeable when worn. Thin design and wireless type flexible wearable medical patch.

EnerCera battery series