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Expanding application possibility of In-Mold Electronics*1 for automobilesIn development of high-performance IME, which contributes to improvement of weight saving and design flexibility of car, there is a problem...

*1 In-Mold Electronics (IME) is the technology in which the functional printed electronics films are molded into 3D shape by thermoforming and injection.


A possibility of sophisticated functions of IME is spread by discovery of low-resistance, high heat resistance and long-life lithium ion rechargeable battery!

Solution Offered by EnerCera battery

  • EnerCera Coin can be charged even by a tiny power through IME circuit, and can deliver enough power to drive ECU with high power consumption such as wireless communication IC, etc.

  • EnerCera Coin can endure the process temperature of IME, reaching about 300℃.

EnerCera enables highly function IME realization

During a meeting between Clayens NP IME team and marketing representative for NGK’s EnerCera battery, NGK explained that EnerCera can be charged via the small electric power which flows through IME circuit. As a matter of fact, EnerCera has low internal resistance, and discharge large current enough to drive high power consumption IC like wireless communication etc. It was also explained that there is a possibility that EnerCera can endure IME process because EnerCera can sustain 300℃ during a short time. In conjunction with the ongoing projects, the Clayens NP team felt a lot of potential combination of IME and EnerCera.
Clayens NP and NGK Insulators signed a partnership contract and they began to research to realize highly functional IME.

Example of IME testing device developed by Clayens NP

Example of IME testing device developed by Clayens NP

EnerCera battery series